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Our Vision

We believe in providing a mechanism by which patients and their attendants can express their experience. And this site is an opportunity, an effort to use this to understand the quality of healthcare. So this is a platform to raise and understand the patient's, their family’s or any healthy individual’s voice for the health service they use. This site will give us a chance for better and faster ways to listen to some of those voices. So this really is a supplement, not as a substitute.
We wish to provide people with the right information to make choices about their health care. This website gives at least a first-glance view, of what the quality of the health service is like. This will empower the patients, their family or any healthy individual to make a decision where to have their care. This will increase transparency and gives users a voice in the system.

Our Mission

To empower and provide the opportunity to public to find the right healthcare services for the treatment they look for, by giving them access to all the accurate information they need to make an informed choice and decision.